Saturday, February 26, 2011

We're digging the Mint Social Dashboard and we're going to share with you why!  Right now I am typing this post within the Mint Social Dashboard and it's a beautiful thing.  It's very easy to use, much like using your own email service and Word only so much more to offer because with one click I can send this post to multiple accounts.  Here, I'll do a print screen of the post so you can see what I mean. 



See, very slick.  I then clicked on the "photo or file" tab and interested the picture.  I can edit this just like a Word Doc too but here I am can schedule out my posts. Now I just have to get better about blogging, something I struggle with.  What's great with this format is like other blog sites available, I can share this with multiple users so we can all share in blogging.  


What I really like about that is for our newsletter.  It allows us to log into the same information so we can work on it together.  Yes, there is many options out there to do this as well however nice that this is a feature within the Dashboard as well.  One my counter-parts, Sherry Handzel out of Chicago had a great idea of blogging about the Dashboard so from time to time you will see our thoughts on this and how food service can use this awesome tool. 



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Food-Borne Illnesses Still a Threat, Despite New Food-Safety Law -

Saturday, February 5, 2011


In the past few years, food safety has had an increased presence in the media spotlight. Whether through mainstream channels or through emerging social media, the consumer is more aware of food safety than ever before. High profile foodborne illness outbreaks related to E coli in spinach and Salmonella in eggs and peanut butter have helped garner the attention of legislators as well. This increased food safety awareness helped fuel legislation such as the food safety modernization act and other local food safety regulations.

The food safety modernization act, which was signed in to law earlier this year, basically gives the FDA increased regulatory authority and mandates most food manufacturers to adopt food safety management plans. Although last minute changes to the legislation did exempt most small restaurants and small farmers it is not unreasonable to wonder what impact the legislation will have.

One organization has taken a look at the potential impact of the food safety modernization act and has provided their “Point of View” on why food safety may be good business. Even though small restaurants and small farmers are exempt from implementing food safety standards, there may be a competitive advantage to utilizing voluntary food safety programs/resources such as: Food Safety Manager Certification Exams (ServSafe, Prometric, and NRFSP), FDA Retail HACCP program, HACCP Certification Programs, and 3rd party supplier inspection services.

What are your thoughts on recent food safety legislation? What does this mean for your restaurant? Let us know your thoughts and join us as we discuss more food safety topics in upcoming newsletters.

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